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Above all else, this entire site and its premise is dedicated to the light of my life:

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I would not have discovered this series if it wasn't for him. I love you with all my heart and this site was made with every single bit of it with you in mind!!!

Please realize all information on this site is relative to any information discovered in english-speaking communities involving Kino no Tabi / Kino's Journey, and is not an end-all wiki. If you find any errors, please contact me at


  • Keiichi Sigsawa for creating and writing Kino no Tabi
  • Kouhaku Kuroboshi for creating the beautiful artwork

Light Novels

  • Untuned-Strings for the only good translation of Kino on the internet. Bless your soul
  • Barnnn for the translation of the first novel in the series!
  • Goodreads for the cover images on the light novel section


  • ACGT for the original 13 episode anim, the OVA, and the Tou no Kuni movie.
  • ADV films for the English release of the original anime
  • Shaft for the The Land of Sickness movie
  • Lerche & Egg Firm for the newer anime
  • Crunchyroll for streaming this anime on my tight-ass budget


  • The Hylia for the collection of Kino Albums and MP3s.


Gallery Images (Minitokyo)

  • Tama-Neko - Various Scans, Almost everything is scanned by Tama!
  • Iga/Anon - Shitajiki 2004(?)
  • Vipera-nya/Anon - Novel
  • ykishige966 - Movie DVD
  • Piccolobear - Stitiching, Artbook Scans
  • MisaSasekage - Dvd?, Magazine Spreads, Artbook
  • adri24rukiachan - Riku, Shizu, and Til Scan
  • nat - Artbook
  • Weskalia - Movie Poster(?)
  • crixyo - Magazine
  • Brimeura - Novel, Novel Covers
  • Twenty-to-Nine - Magazine and Novel
  • MapleRose - English Cover
  • AWOL/Anon - Fruitful

Citations for Quotes

  1. Chapman, Jacob. “Interview: Keiichi Sigsawa.” Anime News Network, 11 Sept. 2017,
    1. ...A producer approached me asking if I wanted to do a new anime, because he had done a short picture drama on Nico Nico Douga with Aoi Yūki doing the voice acting, and it was a hit. Based on that, he wanted to make a new series with Aoi Yūki playing the part of Kino.
    2. not a sequel or a second season, it should be considered a completely new remake.
  2. This Week in Anime - How Does the Kino's Journey Remake Compare to the Original Series?” Edited by Jacob Chapman and Steve Jones, Anime News Network, 17 Oct. 2017,
    Jacob Apparently the new voice of Kino, Aoi Yūki, was the driving force behind getting more made... But guess what Aoi Yūki's debut anime role was? [A picture of Kino and Sakura together from the 12th episode of the 2003 anime. Jacob is reffering to Sakura in this picture to make a point]